Battletech: Invaision of the Clans

Mission Report, Pinnacle
February 12th

After landing on Pinnacle Percy Jones and I had a long talk. He informed me there are a number of hidden mech cashes on this planet from the time when the Draconis Combine ruled it. Somehow these cashes were forgotten when the Combine pulled out of Rasalhague. The people of Pinnacle also did not find them. This got me to thinking on a plan to deal with the Wolves when the come for this planet.

After we dropped into the star port the Pinnacle leaders informed me they had spare mechs to help us rebuild out forces, as they had few qualified pilots. With the Pinnacle Jarl, I came up with a new plan that I hope will at least make the fight to take Pinnacle harder.

We moved the dropships into hiding in the wilds around d the capitol city and broke the unit up into mobile strike teams with a support camp. We will use hit and run tactics from the forest: guerilla warfare. We did not have to wait long until we were under attack again.

This time it was not the Wolves, but Clan Ghost Bear that attacked us. These combatants were not as skilled as the Wolves we discovered. They did follow the batchall rules as best we understand them. The Ghost Bears dropped five of their five-unit lances, including toads. They engaged in combat with the defense force first, who unfortunately did not last long. Three of our strike teams kit the Bears from behind. In all cases, while we sustained heavy damage, we did not loose a single mech. Poppins, Magnusson, Ofterdingen, Jun, and Grimm all performed with the skill I have come to expect from my lance commanders. Using the Firefly VTOLs to provide ECM cover they snuck up behind the Bears and had crippeled some of their mechs before the Bears could turn and fight. They even collected salvage from the mechs, bringing in some new technology we can use to augment our mechs.

The battle for Pinnacle is far from over. We moved deeper into the forest after the attacks. It took the Bears some time before they could send anyone to the forest, and by that time we had faded into the trees. We are meeting up thirty miles south of Mt. Coven to distribute the salvage and reorganize the strike teams. We may just have a shot at this.

Mission Report, Skallevoll
February 9th

The Wolves made it to Skallevoll. The Hertig opted to have the Blood Scorpions defend the star port and routs to it in order for the nobles to evacuate if the battle went bad. Based on some intal from Percy Jones we discovered that this batchall is a kind of honorable combat that the Wolves use. They ask who will be defending, then use that to decide what to bring to bare. The Skallevoll Militia handled the defense of the planet. This was not a success, as most of them are green warriors in obsolete mechs. Soon the Wolves were chasing the nobles’ APCs to the star port. Our unites were arrayed in a number of strike teams each with a section of the city to defend. The Wolves fired upon the APCs before they came into our range, negating the need for us to hold back. They chose to simply attack instead of issuing their batchall, I suspect this is due to the fact we were not part of the original report, and that we were defending the nobles.


I must admit, I was put off by the nobles’ actions. The Wolves repeatedly made it clear they wanted the planetary leader to surrender the planet to them formally. Never did they make it sound like the nobles would become hostages or be badly mistreated. The nobles ran like cowards.

Each strike team met with a star of Wolf mechs. There was not any of the “toads” in this engagement. Our teams did well this time around, though we eventually did loose to the Wolves. One mechwarrior, Jack Kreacher, and a VTOL pilot, Asha Hamisi, were killed. We also lost 13 mechs, three aerospace fighters, and a VTOL.

The battle ended curiously. The Wolves, after suffering some losses themselves contacted me to negotiate for the surrender of the nobles. At this time the outcome was clear. While the Wolves would take more damamge, in the end we would loose and the nobles would be taken. I negotiated with the Wolf Commander, one Brian Kerensky of the Hungry Wolves. He allowed our forces to disengage, and to leave the planet unmolested. He also commended our unit and expressed a desire to fight us again on different terms. These Wolves are an enigma.

Mission Report, Outlook
February 6th, Supplemental

On our return from the unknown system, during our recharge, a warship jumped into the system. This was a different ship than the warship we encountered at the pirate node. We scrambled the aerospace unit and had the working mechs out on the hull to deal with the aerospace bombers. The mechwarriors and aerospace units did well. Though we took damage, we did not loose any units.

During this skirmish the Wolves contacted Outpost with their demand to know the defense of the planet. We advised the Jarl of Outpost to try and broker for peace. This seemed to aggravate the Wolves and they attacked. We jumped out of the system to bring word to Rasalhague of this attack.

Inside Insubordination
What was going through SalĂ´m's mind

The Run Down

You all know the situation.  We are going down into the unknown.  We don't have 100% knowledge of what we are stepping into.  We need to be ready for anything.

The reports keep running through Salôm's mind as he climbs up his mech, head still spinning from his nasty fall when they jumped into the area.  

"Well, this is it ol' girl.  We are going down to spin another web of destruction."   He pats the large gauss cannon on the right side of his mech taking the moment to survey the scene before he fully commits to getting into his mech.  

Members of the drop ships finalize preparations, running too and fro grabbing extra supplies where needed.  Lance commanders and officers lock into place within their own mechs and the tension is high as they start to head off into the unknown.  

He gets settled in and looks above his hud to the small beer can that is etched above.  Defacing mercenary property is frowned upon, but after his last jump, he thought it would be cute.  He wasn't known for his drinking, but now he was known for handing off his beer before doing something radical.  A wide grin spread across his face as he thought of Poppins nearly popping off the last time he stepped out of line.  

"Well this time will be different." He says to himself as the buzzers begin to sound signaling the launching of the troopships. 

The battle rages

Things seemed off from the very beginning.  There was debris all over the field when they got there.  Very fishy.  Mind racing Salôm was trying to pick out what exactly all this could mean.  The mechs that had shown themselves did not seem like they were in bad shape, why was this area so scattered with damaged and broken parts of mechs?  

The artillery shots fired from Pi landed and it only seemed to set them off like bees in a hive.  The coms blew up, speaking of dishonorable fighting and calling us names.  That wasn't very nice so in return I fired.  "That wasn't artillery, how do you feel about that?"  I retorted.  All I got in return was a click the telltale sign that they had muted me over the coms.  

"Well I guess they didn't like that one." 

It was suspicious to me.  The mechs we were facing were coming at us in full force, except for the mech in the very back.  At first I chalked it up to him being the commander of the group, which very well could be the case.  But as the fight raged on it all started to make sense.  

They spoke of Batchall before the fight, and immediately I hear, "Ah, what's this "bitch all" they be talkin' abou?" through my coms.  Though the term is foreign and confusing, the next thing they ranted about was honorable and dishonorable fighting.  The Batchall was now beginning to make sense to me.  A quick survey of the events unfolding showed me that this was an even fight.  The mech in the back had no reason to stand back, I think he was keeping it to what they deemed an "even" fight.    This became apparent when we started to overtake the field.   

Everyone saw it, we all knew what was about to happen with who we were currently fighting we wouldn't be able to overpower them.  The tech they had was just too good.  Poppins gave the order to attack the smaller mechs that were on the field, this would dismantle a few of their mechs and then we could systematically retreat.  What Poppins didn't see is what was coming after us on our flank.  

His orders were clear, "FIRE AT THE CLEAR AND PRESENT DANGER AMONG US."  Yet my mind couldn't let it go.  The mech that was heading toward us was big.  Bigger than most anything we had ever gone up against.  But he wasn't heading to us, he was heading to cut us off.  They didn't want us to leave that planet.  This is why I decided for the second time in two missions to disobey direct orders. "I'm going to shoot him in the head. Watch this Poppins."

Poppins was furious over the coms.  The yelling began that I was oh so familiar with, "Don't you fucking dare approach that mech! I will have you tried and thrown in the…" his sentence didn't finish coming through, and I don't think he heard me turn off my coms channel either.  Else he might have brought his mech over to hit me instead of the wolves.  My mind was made up.  Their big bloke was coming our direction and I wasn't going to let him get past us to our back line.  There was too much at stake, we had seen their power, and I was in a position to stop them from stopping us. 

I squared up my mech and took my shot.  It soared wide to the left of his helmet.  My stomach sank as I knew that shot was my only chance at taking this behemoth out.  Nothing left but my lasers, I began firing everything I had at his head.  The first shot rang true the next riddled his body and the last straggling laser once again hit him directly in on the helm.  It was not enough.  the brute fired back and the rockets were sent straight into my gauss cannon.  Immediately I felt the heat surge through my mech as the gun it self began exploding from the inside out.   The internal damage was too much to bare.  Flipping my coms back on I heard the retreat order being called.  But it wasn't from Poppins, it was Jar Jar who was calling the retreat.  Looking over I could see him swiping up Poppins and Caisse as he made a run for the dropships. 

I took a step back to get a better aim at the mechs left on the battle field, not caring about my heat sink measures I began to fire everything that I had left in me.  My friends would survive this, even if it cost me my life.  I wasn't necesarrily trying to hit anything specific.  Mostly just trying to draw fire. 

My mech began to shut down as another barrage of missiles from the big guy to my right raked up my backside.  Reaching over to pick up that beer I brought along as a joke, I popped it open.  Knowing this would be my last drink for a long while I pushed that eject button, and hoped that I had bought enough time. As I was flying over the field of battle I had one last thought before I blacked out.  "I wish Magnus was here to hold my beer."  

Now I still have the same headache that started when we first made the jump to this rotten planet.  The only difference is, I'm in a dark room and have no fuckin clue where that dark room is at. 

Mission Report Unknown System, February 6th

After charging the Hive’s KF-drive we jumped to the pirate jump point. There we discovered a small blue star with a single small planetoid orbiting. The radiation from the start caused problems with our sensors, creating ghost images, or so we thought. We send the dropships down to hopefully apprehend Red Mary and her pirate band. What we encountered was a new faction, a force calling itself the “Wolves of Kerenski.” These Wolves contacted Charles on the Battlefield but spoke of things we did not understand. Soon our mechwarriors were engaged in combat. Charles lead Genevieve Vanderwaal, Jarjar, Salôm Magnusson, Jaerik Caisse, and Pi Tam onto the field.

The report that follows distills the reports filed by all the pilots on the field, including the aerospace pilots who again encountered some significant resistance.

Poppins moved forward to scout, only to discover the area littered with debris. Soon he was contacted by a force of strange mechs that demanded to know “what tame dogs claim the planet.” Poppins attempted to negotiate to take Red Mary into custody, still assuming she was alive. The Wolves of Kerensky took umbrage with his comments and soon attacked. They fielded six mechs, one of which carried some kind of super infantry. One of the mechs did not engage at first, content to sit on the edge of the battlefield and observer.

The battle swayed back and forth. We were able to destroy two of their mechs and the infantry. They, in turn destroyed three of our units, including the Shogun and Poppin’s own Queen Elizabeth. As our force was retreating Salôm, disobeying orders, chose to sacrifice himself to allow the team to board the dropship and leave the planet. The dropship was forced to hard-dock as the warship of these Wolves was closing in on our Jumpship. We made it to Outpost, and now are recharging our KF drive again. Though Salôm disobeyed orders, his sacrifice enabled the rest of our mechwarriors and pilots to enter the dropship. Poppins and Vanderwaal rode in on Jarjar and Caisse’s mechs.

The entire team reports that these mechs, all of unknown design, used superior technology to ours. This is not a case of some pirates with lostech, but the entire force used superior weapons. They had longer range with more hitting power. The mechs themselves seemed more heavily armored and faster than they should be for their size. One executed an alpha strike causing it to overheat, but it did not shutdown, instead it was able to dissipate that heat in a mater of moments.

We currently have no plan for fighting these mechs. Our hope is that the warship will not come into Outpost, as we simply cannot repel a force of this magnitude. We have sent a full report to the government of Outlook in hopes they can prepare for this force should it return. We are returning to Skallevoll to rendezvous with our full force and receive new orders. The individual accounts of the battle from our mechwarriors ae attached.

Mission Report: Outpost, Rasalhague, February 5th

We engaged the pirates of the Maelstrom Alliance. Magnus Magnusson, Dudeguy MacHasalastname, Grimm Yando, Kim Chun Jun, and Francis Unterfingen sortied against the pirates who had six tanks and two mechs. The battle faired well, all the enemy opposition was destroyed. Our mechs did incur some considerable damage, including a MASC malfunction on the Golden Haggis, and a head shot to Yando’s mech. Thankfully he survived. The Hornets also sortied, but encountered resistance from the pirates, losing two fighters, but not their pilots. Despite our mastery of the battlefield, the pirate dropship was able to take off, the force we encountered having been deployed as a sacrifice to enable their departure. We tracked the drop ship to a jump ship which left the system to a pirate jump point in an uncharted system.

We had some dissention among the ranks due to the battle, and a rather inflammatory report passed around by Francis Unterfingen. MacHasalastname in fact assaulted Francis before Heinrich Ofterdingen finally resolved the situation with the use of a shock collar. For now, we have let this slide, but the punishment seems a tad extreme for the crime. We have opted to deal with the situation after our return.

Mission Report, August 25th 3049
Damain, Raselhague

The lance commanders of the Bombardier Beetles, the Hercules Beetles, the Blue Orb-Weavers, the Dunbeille, and the Mukade were stationed in Berdomen canyon to protect the entrance to Viger City. A large force of the Doom Sayers, a division of the Death’s Hand Brigade, attempted to enter the city though the canyon. The unit were able to fend off this larger force, though a number of their mechs were seriously damaged (the Atlas will be in repair for several weeks). Still, we were successful, and both the Damain officials, and our employers on Raselhague are pleased. Sounds like we will be receiving a bonus.

The surviving pirate related a similar take to those taken on the 20th. We have also had reports of a force ripping through a division of the Kell Hounds mercenary group on The Rock. It seems that Phelan Kell, son of Kell Hounds founder Morgan Kell, was killed in this attack. I have sent an urgent message to the Raselhague government about these attacks, as well as a request for the information that their spy was willing to die to bring to us.

Mission Report: August 20th 3049
Damian, Raselhague

The Bombardier Beetles, Hercules Beetles, Highland Midges, and Dunbeille commanders were dispatched, each with a single mech, to deal with the occupation of Herino City by the pirate group the Death’s Hand Brigade. This force was able to clear the city of these pirates, as well as capture several members at their base of operations. Under questioning from the Damian officials, the pirates stated they were refugees from Manaringaine in the Elysian Fields. They claim some unknown force that dominated the planet in hours. The pirates claimed this force may be alien in nature as they stopped large armored creatures they described as toads along with battlemech like devices. These toads apparently did some considerable damage to several of the DHB’s mechs.

Mission Report: August 15th 3049
Paulus Prime, Oberon Confederation

Members of the Bombardier Beetles, Hercules Beetles, and Highland Midges all participated in the recovery of data from the Kungsarmé spy based deep in the periphery. The Mercenary group Wyverns, hired by the Oberon Confederation, attempted to stop our recovery, but as best we know they did not understand the nature of the mission. We lost a few mechs, but no mech warriors. The spy was alive, and they were able to recover him, and his data. The Raselhague government hedged when we requested a copy of the data, but they eventually relented. We expect the data in a few weeks, after they have processed it and censored any sensitive data.

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