Gaji Kamakari

"Do the job with honor, or not at all."


Gaji is a lean Asian man with hazel eyes and black hair. He tends to favor a modern samurai look in greys and blacks instead of the more traditional garb of his Draconis Combine kin. He is rarely without his swords, even taking them when he pilots his custom marauder mech named Sasori.


Gaji was born on Shirotori in the Draconis Combine. He was left an orphan after the fourth succession war. Wolf’s Dragoons picked him up, as they did many orphans, and brought him to Outreach. There the Dragoons offered him a home and an education. He willingly began training as a mechwarrior. Gaji rose through the ranks quickly becoming a lance commander, then a company commander. A number of his missions became legendary among the Dragoons and other mercenaries who frequented Outreach. Specifically on several occasions Gaji survived a head shot to his mech, fought his way along the battlefield to then climb up an enemy mech, pop the hatch and dispatch the mechwarrior to take over the enemy mech and finish the battle. Once would be a story, three times in total made Gaji a legend.

In 3040 Gaji left the Dragoons, with Jamie Wolf’s blessing. He started up a new mercenary unit, the Blood Scorpions. A few Dragoons came with him. Soon Gaji and his men were souring the known galaxy for new recruits. Gaji hired academy trained nobles from some of the minor houses as well as rough and tumble rogues from out on the periphery. The only test was a meeting with Gaji. Somehow this rag-tag group of mismatched men and women works as an organized, if unconventional, mercenary unit. Shortly after bolstering his ranks, Gaji signed the Blood Scorpions to garrison border worlds for the Raselhague Republic to protect them from pirates. The Blood Scorpions are stations on Skallevoll, but have garrisons on Outpost and Homsbu. They also operate actively in the periphery to track pirates who have ventured into Raselhague territory.

Gaji Kamakari

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